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Don't let lack of information hinder your ambitions as a rising author. Many talented writers struggle to make profitable decisions. In 2007, Amazon recognized these challenges and launched its book self-publishing services, aiming to empower authors like you to achieve unlimited profits through strategic support. Since its inception, this service has witnessed an exponential growth in the number of authors, resulting in increased uniqueness and competitiveness. However, self-publishing your book on Amazon is not without its challenges. Native Book Publishing can help you out with that.

With our data-driven Kindle book publishing services, we ensure that your book swiftly reaches a global audience. Are you ready to witness how our book publishing services can guide you towards the authorial success you've always desired?


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Why Should You Hire Our Book Publishers?

Unlock Uncapped Earnings

Experience the ease and profitability of selling your books online, as you unlock a generous royalty rate of up to 70% on each sold copy. Watch your earnings soar with every successful sale, ensuring a tidy profit for your hard-earned published works.

Price Tags & Edits

Empower your art to transform the world, with the freedom to set your own price. Not only that, but enjoy the unparalleled flexibility to edit your book's content anytime and from anywhere, courtesy of Amazon's comprehensive publishing platform.

Versatile Print Options

To support your literary endeavors, you can publish your book in both contemporary e-books and traditional paperback formats, enabling you to connect with a diverse audience. However, recognizing that beginners may require practical guidance, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Consider your needs covered with our comprehensive support and skilled book publishers.

Our Publishing Process

We understand the importance of turning your creative vision into a beautifully published book. Our book publishing process is designed to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your masterpiece reaches the hands of eager readers. Let's take a closer look at our streamlined process:

Initial Discussion
The journey begins with an in-depth discussion where we explore your book idea, goals, and aspirations. We delve into the essence of your story, understand your target audience, and discuss the publishing options available to you.
Finalizing the Manuscript
Once your manuscript is complete, our experienced book publishers review it meticulously, offering valuable feedback and suggestions to enhance its quality and ensure its acceptance by the renowned publishing platforms.
Working on Design Aspects
We believe that a book's cover and interior design are key factors in capturing readers' attention. Our talented team of designers collaborates with you to create visually captivating cover art and layout, if needed, maintaining the essence of your story.
Publishing on Desired Platforms
We understand the importance of reaching a wide audience. With our expertise, we navigate the complexities of the publishing industry, ensuring your book is available in all digital formats. We publish your work on desired platforms, including print-on-demand services and e-book marketplaces.
Book Marketing
A successful book requires effective marketing. Our marketing experts devise tailored strategies to promote your book to the right audience. We leverage online platforms, social media campaigns, author websites, book signings, and other promotional avenues to maximize your book's visibility and sales potential.

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From Poetry To Thrillers, We Offer All Types Of Book Publishing Services


Children's Book Publishing

Ignite young minds with captivating stories, enchanting illustrations, and colorful adventures that inspire a lifelong love for reading. Not only do we offer children’s book publishing services, we can also help you with the content, formatting, editing and illustrations.

Comic Book Publishing

If you're a comic book creator, our comic book publishing services provide you with a platform for your dynamic storytelling and vibrant illustrations. From superheroes to graphic novels, we can help you introduce your masterpiece to the world.

Audio Book Publishing

We offer professional audio book publishing services that transform your written words into captivating audio experiences. Our skilled narrators, production and publishing team ensure that every word comes to life, engaging listeners and immersing them in your story.

Photo Book Publishing

For those who wish to showcase their cherished memories, our photo book publishing services allow you to craft and publish beautiful keepsakes filled with precious moments and heartfelt captions.

Poem Book Publishing

For the poets, our poem book publishing services celebrate the beauty of language and emotions. We design elegant layouts that complement your verses, transforming your poems into a tangible collection that resonates with readers and get them published on renowned platforms.

Coloring Book Publishing

Coloring books have become a popular medium for relaxation and artistic expression. With our coloring book publishing services, we bring your intricate designs to life, creating a delightful and therapeutic experience for both children and adults

Fiction Book Publishing

With our fiction book publishing, you can introduce readers to new worlds and indulge them in your thrilling adventures. We know how to bring your imagination to life, transporting readers to extraordinary realms.

Non-Fiction Book Publishing

Share your knowledge, wisdom, and expertise with the world through our non-fiction book publishing services. We empower authors to publish informative and impactful non-fiction works, be it memoirs or biographies

Transform Your Work Into An Unforgettable Audio Experience With Our Audio Book Publishing Services

Looking for affordable audiobook publishing services that offer a delightful listening experience? Look no further! With our team of skilled publishers and audio wizards, you'll feel immersed in the story as their expert performances and impeccable sound quality transport you to new worlds. We can take care of every step of the process so don't wait any longer—choose us today and embark on a captivating journey.


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Share your project details and get a budget-friendly quote right away!

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"Book Publishing "

"I literally had ZERO knowledge and sense of how to get my journal published. The team helped me throughout the whole process and got it published online. These guys are absolutely the best."

Jodie Matthews
"Formatting & Editing"

"One of my friends recommended Native Ghostwriters Publishing to me. They transformed my manuscript into a beautifully designed book and handled all aspects of the process with utmost professionalism. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and Richards is an absolute gem."

Matt Idom
"Book Writing"

"I wanted some help with my first book on the topic. Their content team offered me immense help and support. I especially liked how attentive everybody was and they catered to all of my requests until my book was exactly what I wanted it to be. "

"Book Cover Design "

"Working with Ted on my book cover design was anabsolute pleasure. Their team of talented designers took my vision and brought it to life in ways I couldn't have imagined. The attention to detail, creativity, and ability to capture the essence of my story truly impressed me. I highly recommend their services. "

Brett Kleinmann

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